This training project is planned to do so throughout the year 2020 for the orchards of Guinéa Djilakounda and Elole Madiédiame and by the orchards of Kourègue and Kabounkout the realization is planned for the year 2021.

From the KASSUMAY Foundation we have opted to take a step beyond the need to complement the projects of the orchards that have so good results. This translates into a training project for women.

This training in food-processing is framed in the valorisation of local edible products to ensure additional income to families and also encourage the consumption of these products. This training also looks at reinforcing the social protection of families and their livelihoods.

This action seeks to improve the standard of living of communities through the transformation of local agroforephal products, forming women in the field of transformation and valorisation of local horticultural products.

With regard to nutritional training, it seeks to improve the standard of living of communities thanks to better nutritional practices through training in nutrition, cooking, conservation, transformation and valorisation of local vegetable products.

This action aims to promote the regular consumption in the homes of women trained, local agroforestal products of quality and especially those obtained from the production of the orchards, in order to improve the local food diet, especially that of Children, and thus integrate quality vegetable products in regular nutrition.

And in a specific way associate the different foods in the diet in order to improve the nutritional habits of the children of 6 to 59 months, the pregnant and breastfed women and of the general population.

The training can allow them to prepare varied and rich meals from products that are available in the locality, including traditional products with great nutritive value (niébé, legumes, etc.), putting them in value and promoting their consumption.