Construction, endowment and commissioning of a vegetable garden for women in Elode Madiédiame. The priority of this project is the increase and diversification of productive agricultural activities and income generation.

A female community garden is exploited and managed by the Women's Association of the neighborhood or the village beneficiary. These types of community productive activities have multiple benefits for women such as:

– Generation of own income.
– Improvement of the diet of the families.
– Generation of part-time jobs.
– Diverse formations: agricultural techniques, basic management, food safety...
– Causes the cohesion and organization of the producer Group.
– Allows the different female groups to exchange experiences and create clusters of groups to define joint plurisectoral strategies.
– Changes and enhances the role of women in the home and community.

It has constituted a grouping of working women with 128 members, called GIE DIAMORAAL in the population of Elole Madiédiame.
This project has been possible thanks to the KASSUMAY Fundación. Until before the construction of this project to the population of Elole Madiédiame, no NGO for development had made any action in this population of more than 666 people.

It was built in the year 2017/2018

Due to the large number of women in the Huerta group of Elole Madiédiame, the Kassumay Foundation, has decided to make a second vegetable garden, which is currently built.