The population of Kabounkout, located in La Casamance, south of Senegal, is the country's poorest people, often relegated to oblivion by the government. There are different factors that determine the situation of this area:

  • Geographic location with difficult access from the decision points of the capital Dakar. This factor has been decisive in the low involvement of international organizations that could work there.
  • The former conflict with the guerrillas that has depleted the population.
  • Almost complete abandonment by national authorities since the independence of the country in the year 1960.
  • Regression of the rainfall in the area.
  • Traditional mentality of traditional local authorities that has partly impeded the development of the area.

Between the years 2014/15, the Kassumay Foundation built a school in Kabounkout, and in 2016 a new health center was built, with a population of more than 368 people.

This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of PANET and the FUNDACIÓ KASSUMAY .

The priority of this project is the increase and diversification of productive agricultural activities and income generation.
A female community garden is exploited and managed by the Women's Association of the beneficiary village. These types of community productive activities have multiple benefits for women such as:

  • Generation of own income.
  • Improvement of the diet of the families.
  • Generation of part-time jobs.
  • Different formations: agricultural techniques, basic management, food safety, etc.
  • It provokes the cohesion and organization of the producer Group.
  • It allows the different female groups to exchange experiences and create cluster conglomerates to define joint plurisectoral strategies.
  • It changes and enhances the role of women in the home and community.

It will constitute a grouping of working women with 63 members, in the population Kabounkout.

It is planned to open the month of December of the year 2020.