It consists of the construction of a children's mother care centre with an office, room for parties, hospitalization room, storage and toilets.
The water and electricity supply is also contemplated, as well as wastewater treatment.

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of MANS UNIDES D’ANDORRA, GOVERN D’ANDORRA and FUNDACIÓ KASSUMAY.

The population of Kabounkout, located in La Casamance, south of Senegal, is the country's poorest people, often relegated to oblivion by the government. There are different factors that determine the situation of this area:

  • Geographic location with difficult access from the decision points of the capital Dakar. This factor has been decisive in the low involvement of international organizations that could work there.
  • The former conflict with the guerrillas that has depleted the population.
  • Almost complete abandonment by national authorities since the independence of the country in the year 1960.
  • Regression of the rainfall in the area.
  • Traditional mentality of traditional local authorities that has partly impeded the development of the area.

Between the years 2014/15, the Kassumay Foundation built a school in Kabounkout, and in 2016 a new health center was built, with a population of more than 368 people.
Since last June, a female community garden is being built in Kabounkout, this project is the increase and diversification of productive agricultural activities and income generators.
It will benefit 4,009 people in the area where it will cover the maternal Assistance Center for children.

The population is in a 20-kilometre radius around Kabounkout and includes part of the Gambian population.

1. Kabounkout Senegal
2. Bounièye Senegal
3. Niaéré Senegal
4. Guinéa Djilakounda Senegal
5. Oupeut (Oupalte) Senegal and Gambia
6. Karounor Narang Senegal
7. Djikasse Gambia
8. Jana Kuyel Gambia
9. Bessé Gambia
10. Jakin Gambia
11. NDembana Gambia
12. Bullellai Gambia
13. Battending Gambia
14. Grand Kanao Senegal and Gambia
15. Kona Senegal
16. Bitta (Beta) Senegal and Gambia
17. Diakoye Komboli Senegal
18. Diakine Senegal
19. Djiter Senegal
20. Elole Mediadiame Senegal
21. Killy Gambia
22. Bukafungi Gambia
23. Kabokor Gambia
24. Somite Gambia
25. Dianagne Gambia
26. Andiabina Gambia
27. Báipang Senegal
28. Bouliwaye Senegal
29-Dialocoto Gambia
30. Tampoto Gambia

It is planned to open the month of December of the year 2020.