IMPORTANT: For the moment, due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 and until the pertinent authority authoridoes it, this action is suspended. Despite the view of the seriousness of the pandemic, the KASSUMAY Foundation IS CONDUCTING Urgent action with the sending of basic protection material to all health Centres that provide support. You have more information here

Promote a free medical consultation in the Fogny area, open to the entire population of the area and be able to make a medical checkup of at least 600 people with the voluntary participation of doctors and specialists, nurses and medical students of the faculty Ziguinchor.

Place of accomplishment, Djibidione, at the headquarters of the Mayor of the rural community, region of the same name, district of Sindian, Department of Bignona, in the region of Ziguinchor (Senegal)

This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of APOTECARIS SOLIDARIS DE PALMA i la FUNDACIÓ KASSUMAY.

This area of the Fogny is the most affected to the present by the conflict Casamancés, despite the climate of calm and current peace.

Bignona, where the closest hospital is located, is located more than 35 km from most villages.
They are further north, more than 50 km. means of transport are almost non-existent and only a few better located towns, they have minibuses that leave in the morning and return in the evening.

The travel between the interior villages and the main tracks where you can take these minibuses, are mostly on foot or in carts of bulls.

Only 5 basic dispensaries work in the north and interior area of the Fogny, the objective of this project, and one of them in Djibidione. Each one is managed by a state nurse who is in turn responsible for the dispensary. The closest doctor is located in the hospital of Bignona, lacking most of the necessary services and can only treat pathologies that do not require supplementary examinations or patients who are not in critical condition.

Most of the patients in this hospital should be oriented to the regional in Ziguinchor.

From an economic point of view, the area does not have salaried employment sources. Industrial activity is non-existent and that of services is limited to some carriers and small businesses. The population is mainly dedicated to traditional agricultural activities (especially the products cultivated during the rainy season such as rice and millet) and in some cases in arboriculture.

A portion of these products, such as rice, millet or dried beans, are intended for self-consumption. Another part, like Groundnuts, is intended for sale. Arboreal production is mainly destined for sale and is carried out on site via buyers from the country's capital, Dakar. The agricultural works are carried out manually and traditionally, and the productive yield deteriorates from year to year. The annual revenue resulting from this agricultural activity are low or very low.

Planned Dates of accomplishment, a long weekend of 3 days, between January and March 2020.