Fundació Kassumay is a non-profit organization that works for the integral development of people, mainly in Casamance (Senegal)

Kassumay for evrybody

We want to welcome you with this expression of diolà ethnicity, majority in the Casamance region, in southern Senegal, where we develop our projects. It can be translated by: Peace. And we have added... For everybody, referring to the Associació "Tothom", before the foundation.

Peace for all

This expression has implied the greater attitude of solidarity that someone can desire. Wishing everyone, we express our imaginary as an entity; A society that lives in peace is a society that can consider its project of future and progress. In this project for the future, we want to contribute with our grain of sand.

In our visits to the area, we have learned to use this greeting with the natural resources of the country and perhaps as an unknown word for us, for its special meaning, by the relationship of proximity that allows so simple and for the warmth that is perceived in the greeting, we came to baptize our foundation with this expression: Kassumay for all.

As we have already said, the FUNDACIÓ KASSUMAY celebrates 25 years.