The school of Kabounkout, Rural community Djibidione, area Fogny Nord, Basse Casamance region, South Senegal, also receives children from surrounding villages like: Djinéa Djilacounda, Grand Kanao, Karounor Narang, Oupeut, Bounièye, Kona and Niaéré.

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the AJUNTAMENT DE BEGUES, FUNDACIÓ ISOLANA and Fundación Kassumay.

The aim of this school was to promote and improve the educational infrastructure through the regulated training of children between 6 and 12 years and to introduce the hygienic habits of the children's population of Kabounkout and the nuclei Nearby countryside.

The school hosts more than 130 boys and girls.
Priority was given to this project for the collapse of an old school classroom.

It was inaugurated in the year 2015, with the school year 2015/16.