Balandine, a town belonging to the Rural community of Suelle, is one of the towns located in the south area of Fogny. Traditionally people from nearby villages (Katinong, Brindiago, Guinongué, Kindiène, Ebato, Bassanbéa Diongol, etc) were already visiting Balandine. Also, the women of these peoples, approached Balandine for childbirth, to a very old maternity and obsolete.

In the year 2011 we achieved one of the grants that the FUNDACIÓ ORDESA grants to projects that favour an improvement in health, food and the quality of children's life.

Our project allowed the construction and refurbishment of a maternal-infantile centre in the town of Balandine, Basse Casamance (Senegal) and it was necessary to maintain and improve the level of coverage of maternal-child health in the South Zone of Fogny.

It forecasts 650 benefited between mothers and children in the first years of life that are attended in this new installation located next to the existing health centre, so that it has all the health infrastructure in the same location , which facilitates the continuity of medical surveillance after childbirth.

The village already had an experienced midshirt deeply rooted in the medical center, as well as in the neighbouring towns.

It was inaugurated in the year 2013.