We have had a very difficult and complicated year, and now although it seems that we are leaving the well we still have a long and hard road in the social and economic field.

In Casamance, the health impact of Covid has not been as bad as feared, but the economic effects are very bad. Our entity continues to finance and support different projects and actions.

We all want meetings that help us to walk towards a social and emotional normality and it is with this spirit that this May 22 We convene the SOLIDARITY VERMOUTH again, with modifications forced by the health situation, but with the will to meet and share some time.

To buy tickets in advance or make a "Row 0" contribution if you cannot accompany us, use the following link:

They can also be purchased on the same day at Can Castells as usual.

We need you, we need you, Casamance needs us. We are waiting for you!

Peter Jorba

President of the Kassumay Foundation