Although we are not in the best scenario to explain the problems of other countries and that it is not easy to explain to a citizenship exhausted and stressed by the pandemic, international solidarity is still key to the survival of many groups around the world.

We have a duty to try to make our society understand the need for this international solidarity and cooperation so that we do not leave anyone behind, neither here nor anywhere else.

However, someone could question: And with all the problems we face in our country, should we maintain the resources for cooperation?

The answer is that if measures are not taken, millions of people will be dragged into poverty.

The United Nations global humanitarian response plan warns that the world is facing a global crisis unprecedented in the 75-year history of the United Nations; a threat that is propagating suffering paralyzing the world economy and completely altering the lives of the population. COVID-19 endangers the whole humanity, and all of it must fight this virus. Global action and solidarity are fundamental.

For this reason, do not miss this interesting video with the explanations and opinions of on-site mobilizers from different Santboian associations: "Voices of cooperation in times of COVID (Canal Ajuntament Sant Boi)"